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Jobshops in the UK

Interview tests

It is getting more common for assessment centres and testing packages to be used as part of the recruitment process especially for large organisations where a candidate/job match is very specific.

Tests are carried out for a number of reasons; to verify applicants’ claims on CVs and application forms; to sift out the best candidates from large numbers of applicants; to cut out subjectivity or to measure performance and aid career development. But the most important reason they are conducted is to ensure that the organisation makes the right recruitment choice.

Overview of testing packages

  • Verbal tests.
  • Clerical and data checking tests.
  • Diagrammatic or abstract reasoning tests.
  • Spatial reasoning tests.
  • Mechanical reasoning tests.
  • Work sampling.
  • Physical tests.
  • Bespoke company packages.


To help you prepare for testing applications you should find out from employers what the procedures will be, your job shop may also be able to help you. In certain circumstances practice materials may be available, again your job shop can help.


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