Executive Committee



Governance is concerned with accountability and responsibilities; good governance is essential for the success of any charity, ensuring the proper procedures and policies are in place to manage the charity's resources effectively.

NASES is governed by an Executive Committee, with trustee members who provide long-term vision, agreeing the direction of the association and protecting the charity's reputation and values. The Executive Committee meets four times a year.

The Executive Committee and members are bound by the following documents.


 Memorandum and Articles 

A legally binding document outlining the relationship NASES has with its members and other stakeholders. Changes to this document can only be made if agreed at the AGM.


 NASES Byelaws

These are the day to day regulations that NASES adhere to and can be amended and updated by the Executive Committee as and when required.


 NASES complaints procedure

NASES has an important role in raising and setting professional standards in the student employment sector. NASES investigates complaints against members that arise out of a breach of these NASES Codes of Good Practice.

The NASES Executive will work solely for the benefit of its members by raising the profile of the industry as well as acting on the issues that practitioners face.


Executive meetings


Date Location
6th December 2016 University of Birmingham Guild of Students