What is NASES?

The National Association of Student Employment Services (NASES) which is the National representative body to support Student Employment Services in the Further and Higher Education sector. Established in July 1999, NASES aims to facilitate the continuing development of the employment sector, encourage interaction between practitioners; share best practice and represent its membership on a national level. NASES is a registered charity and has arisen from the desire of practitioners to share expertise, provide mutual support and participate in national agendas. We work in co-operation with organisations including Jaguar Land Rover, Matalan, PriceWaterHouse Coopers, LinkedIn, London Metropolitan Police, Enterprise rent a car, to name a few.

The Charity's objectives (The Objects) are to:

advance the education and relieve the needs of students in Further and Higher Education by providing and assisting in the provision of employment opportunities during their studies, in particular, but not exclusively by: 

  • Raising student employment issues of significance nationally to students and consulting with, advice, and informing national, regional, and local decision makers on student employment all related areas; 
  • Establishing a national training programme for student employment practitioners; 
  • Establishing standards of good practice for student employment practitioners; 
  • Acting as a focus for the exchange of information with all agencies, organisations and institutions engaged in providing student employment opportunities and related skills / developmental projects;
  • Supporting research activities in the field of student employment.