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Do you know a SEOTY winner?

We've been running the SEOTY competition since 2002 now so we thought it might be interesting to take a look back at past winners. We've tracked a few of them down to find out more about what happened to them after winning the Student Employee of the Year Award and we'll be featuring them throughout future competitions so look out for them!

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    2017 Winner

    Nabeela Mowlana, University of Sheffield Hallam




2016 Winner

Jo Miguens and Shaquille Trotman, University of Portsmouth

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2015 Winner

Adam Hughes, University of Durham


2014 Winner

Lewis Yates, University of Sheffield

A civil engineering student working as an Alumni Fund Student Caller who has made a massive impact in a very challenging area. He helped raise thousands of pounds and took a leading role in a team of student callers.


2013 Winner

Natalie Diver, Newcastle University

An amazing PR student who went above and beyond on so many levels, an outstanding nomination favoured by all judges.

Kevin Valdelievre, Aberdeen University

2012 Winner

Kevin Valdelievre, Aberdeen University

There is more to part-time jobs than just bars and fast food places. If you look hard enough you can find work that is completely different to the typical student part-time job. I'd like to say a big thank you to my nominator Jennifer Lindsay at Skene House. I learned so much working with her.

Mark Graham, University of Greenwich, 2011 winner


2011 Winner

Mark Graham, University of Greenwich
Now studying BSc in computer science

It did help me get an interview for a summer job within the business school. I had several notable facebook friend adds from CMS University management. And it has helped me raise awareness of the Disabilities I have with people that have asked about it.

Carol Radlett, University of Gloucester, 2010 winner


2010 Winner

Carol Radlett, University of Gloucester
Now Front of house manager for The Frogmill Hotel, Cheltenham

It proved to prospective employers you worked hard and could achieve the end goals. The award enabled me to shine above other candidates in a job, and for this it has lead me to my perfect job where I have now been nominated for another hotel and catering award for Front of House Manager of the Year.

Adam Sumar-Tarmohamed, Brunel University, 2009 winner

2009 Winner

Adam Sumar-Tarmohamed, Brunel University
Now Finance Assistant with Avalon Entertainment

I thought 'what an amazing achievement to win among 100s of others' but then the news came that I was selected as the national winner! This is a great honour.

Emmanuel Amoah, University of Hull, 2008 winner


2008 winner

Emmanuel Amoah, University of Hull
Now a Risk and Controls Analyst for Zurich International Life Ltd.

I think having the SEOTY on my CV was very attractive to employers and got me where I am at the moment. At interviews I ensured I emphasised the award to market myself as the very best and most eligible candidate for the job.

Olusegun Adetunji, Liverpool Hope University, 2007 winner


2007 winner

Olusegun Adetunji, Liverpool Hope University
Now a Programme Management Officer at HSBC

Olu copes extremely well with the diverse array of problems and social situations he has encountered. His enthusiasm (even in the most trying of circumstances) is nothing short of irrepressible, only matched by his discipline, dilligence and motivation.

Jonathan Lewis, University of Nottingham, 2006 winner


2006 Winner

Jonathan Lewis, University of Nottingham
Now working as a solicitor for Linklaters 

SEOTY helped me because it gave recognition to the fact that it is possible to combine work and full-time study. In my early days, people would often comment that I seemed more mature and professional than my age would suggest, and this is in part due to the professionalism and working discipline that comes from having experience of a working environment whilst studying.

Natalie Muldoon, Liverpool John Moores University, 2005 winner


2005 Winner

Natalie Muldoon, Liverpool John Moores University
Now Executive Officer working for the Government

Winning SEOTY in 2005 definitely added real value to my employment opportunties. both of my subsequent employers eommented on how they saw the award as a unique attribute, which set me aside from other candidates. haveing the award on my CV gave me confidence attending interviews. I see it as quantative proof that I am committed to making a difference within whatever organisatin I work for.

Anna Lisa Bergstrom-Allen, University of Sussex, 2004 SEOTY winner



2004 Winner

Anna-Lisa Bergstrom Allen, University of Sussex
Now Senior Producer with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe

 It showed that I had been recognised for both my academic achievement and my commitment to my job, as well as being able to manage both studying and working at the same time. I was incredibly honoured to have won it! There’s no doubt in my mind that my employers were impressed when they saw it on my CV.

Abbas Manji, Loughborough University, 2003 winner


2003 Winner

Abbas Manji, Loughborough University

He is ambitious, a hardworker and always wanting to succeed... Abbas often goes beyond his duties to get the best results and to achieve the best.
from Abbas' nominator


2002 Winner

Jamie Flint, Sheffield Hallam University
Now Commercial Manager with BT Openreach

I always wanted to stand out from the crowd and having an award on your CV as a graduate for employment is definitely a talking point with employers. I was privileged to be given the award and I encourage others to look for opportunities to stand out and succeed in their aspirations.

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